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“momma whats for tomorrow…” — February 5, 2016

“momma whats for tomorrow…”

This is the first thing out of Leos mouth every morning. If he wakes up at 5 or 7 the first thing he always asks is “Momma whats for tomorrow?” Tomorrow, this time is his birthday, he turns 5 and gets to have friends and family have ice cream with him at our favorite ice cream “store”

This morning he flew, like faster than the speed of light flew out of his bedroom, naked and needing to go pee with a GIANT smile on his face:


“well bud, it’s your”

“ITS MY BURTHDAY!!!!! why I gonna be 5 mommma, my burfday at the icecreamstore? wif my fwiends? and da minions? momma? TOOOO MORROOOWWWWWW??????? THATS CRAZY!”

Totally dude, it’s totally crazy. These past 5 years have seemed to move so dang fast with a learning curve the size of sun. My excitement today comes from his realization of time, and dates and the progression of both. Last year we talked for a week about his birthday. He had tutors that made his birthday week so special and then we capped it off with a party and Spiderman.

This year I told him about his birthday party about a month ago. He’s been asking the date, looking at our giant fridge calendar and counting to the square very boldly labeled “LEO IS 5”. About a month ago I got him to tell me why he needs to know what tomorrow is and what it is going to bring. He told me he gets scared if he doesn’t know. Usually we have a 10-20 minute long conversation every morning about what tomorrow is, what today is, what we are doing today and tomorrow. I’ve thought about bringing back his visual schedule, but I love how this instigates a conversation and he has to stop and think. If we’ve already talked about it 2 times I tell him I am all done but he can tell me what we are up to today and tomorrow, and he usually recalls it all pretty spot on.

So today, on the eve of his BURFDAY I’m sure the entire world will be told tomorrow is his day, that he is going to be 5 and that he is so excited. And he should be, because he is pretty amazing.



Week #2, here we go — August 24, 2015

Week #2, here we go

Leo had a great first week at school, Max had a great first week without his big Bro by his side, Mommy had a rough week but pulled through.

Things I noticed from this past week:

Leo’s focus and listening has already improved.

He has been trying new foods.

He loves his teachers.

His behaviors come out when he’s exhausted.

Leo is 4 1/2 years old and has school and therapy 6 hours a day. 6 HOURS A DAY.  Today I make the phone call to the regional center to discuss our funding issues if I cut him back on therapy or how hard it would be to get it back if I dropped it all together. He needs down time, he needs to be a kid and he hasn’t ever really had a chance to do that. And I’m going to say it- it’s not fair. Yeah, it’s not.

We can’t decide to go see a movie or go to lunch or sit in our underwear in a sheet fort after school because he is always being pushed to learn. And he’s done better with it than I would. So today I get a few more answers, today I start the process of either backing out of or totally dropping ABA. I love ABA, it’s making my children better, but the school he’s in is incorporating ABA into his mornings and I’m good with it.

More to come.

Happy Week everyone.

How is it not Friday. No, really — January 16, 2015

How is it not Friday. No, really

Today was a day of trials, seeing gal pals, snuggling babies, more trials, the DMV (I guess I could be done there), more trials and now jammies. I am very happy that my jammies were waiting with baited breath for me at home tonight.

This is Leos first full week of ABA at the clinic. So prior to this- we have Wednesday and Thursday mornings to be slugs, stay in our P.J.s and get at home chores done. The past two days have been HARD. His schedule changed, and that is always hard. He has now taken to spitting at me when I tell him to do something. Great. I ask him to use his words- he screams at me. If this is what his 4th year of life is going to bring I’d like someone to reserve me a spot in the nut ward now please. He’s been doing really well at “school” this week, but I can tell he is more than tired. His dark circles are black, his acting out is horrid and his tummy isn’t great. I just wish I could get him to focus long enough to tell me if something is wrong. Lately he’s back to copying whatever I say when I ask him.

Max is sleeping almost totally through the night, and that is WONDERFUL. When he is waking up, he comes into our room snuggles in bed and falls back asleep- for the most part. Joel and I are both very confused at sleeping for more than 2-4 hours at a time and our bodies aren’t sure of how to deal with it. He isn’t using words outside of peoples names lately. Oh and screaming “MINNNNNEEEEE” at his brother 9,473,3974 times a day. Tomorrow is his first speech therapy appointment, I’m very glad for this. Non verbal is harder than having labeling words for everything under the sun. I have at least gotten him to use certain signs for things- food, more. They are helpful.

I’ve been reading more about fragile x syndrome. I had glanced at it a year ago and thought huh, yeah it does sound a LOT like Leo, but so does OCD. If anyone has any personal experience with the syndrome I’d love to talk more to you!

I think that’s about it. Back to snuggle time with my jammies.