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Sleep, spiderman, veggies and referrals. AKA life — December 4, 2014

Sleep, spiderman, veggies and referrals. AKA life

Life has been busy. I thought having 5 days off of all therapy and being able to “fly by the seat of our pants” would be awesome. Then my thoughts came crashing down realizing I have an austic child that needs a schedule to function. So our Thanksgiving weekend was a little rough but we made it.

Spiderman (also known as my mom) has been called a few times to convince Leo veggies are good to eat and that they make Spiderman big and strong. This morning was a flip situation that had me holding in a laugh so very hard. Scrambled eggs have been another “please just eat it” food. This morning he scooped up a giant fork full, put it in his mouth, chewed it up looked at me and said (very proudly I might add)

“Momma, call Spiderman” so we did. It was awesome.

Our next goal is to get him to try new foods without gagging himself as they go into his mouth.

Last night everyone slept in their appropriate beds. This hasn’t happened in months. No one woke up in the middle of the night, no cries, nothing. It was fantastic. I don’t want to get excited but here’s hoping and praying for another sleep night like that.

As excited as the boys were for Halloween, the Christmas excitement isoff the charts here. Including Leo explaining to everyone that Santa comes on Christmas, which is Jesus’ birthday and that Spiderman will be making an apperance at his birthday party as well.

In between all of this I am trying to continue my quest of strength training and losing more weight while giving myself shin splints. My beloved and totally evil (God I love her) Physical Therapist basically threatened to remove my legs if I don’t let them heal. gah. So the bike it is.

Now we are waiting for more fun seasonal things, cookie making, kuga making, Christmas Tree Lane and referrals to specialists for both boys. Tummy issues, possible seizures for Leo and making sure Max can hear because he too will be starting speech therapy soon.

So heres to life. And embarking on a season to love a little more and a little harder, and to celebrate Jesus, family and love.

Oh Monday, today you rocked! — November 11, 2014

Oh Monday, today you rocked!

The boys finally sleeped past 4:30 am

Leo ate a great breakfast and had a wonderful day at school. We came home to an impromptu playdate with a wonderful set of triplet friends. His wonderful tutor today totally rolled with it. So the majority of ABA was outside with friends today. Leo played WITH the other kids. Not next to them, not alone, not akwardly near them, WITH them.

He and Max had more outside time after ABA. At dinner Leo voluntarily picked up and ate a green bean. My jaw hit the table.

Today made me so thankful for everyone that loves, teaches and believes in our family. I am so lucky to have strong women friends that smile and laugh and are raising beautiful children. I am so lucky to have everything that I have, things I never knew I needed and the resources to make Mondays like these happen.

Yogurt, oatmeal, baby carrots..oh my! — November 6, 2014

Yogurt, oatmeal, baby carrots..oh my!

One of the ABA directors told me that once Leo showed interest in touching and sniffing new foods tasting them would be very quickly approaching.

she was so very right

Just this week he has tried 2 types of yogurt, cheerios, baby carrots and oatmeal. By tried I mean I sit right next to him, have to to tell him 500 times to put his hands down and sit up in his chair, have him lick it three times, then convince him spiderman totally eats these things because they make him big and strong.

This season of life is really really pushing the amount of patience God has given me. I have to breathe and breathe and breathe and have a dr. Pepper (no it’s not part of my attempt at a healthy lifestyle but it helps with my migraines and I’m a horrible person when I get them- which is often).

Max is a garbage disposal. This kid even finds food and comes walking through the living room chomping on something. I have had to try to remember when we last ate whatever he is chomping on and where in the world he stashed it because I just cleaned the house and didnt find that anywhere.

As I type he is showing me crayons and attempting to color his face. Leo decorated random things in the house the other day with a green crayon. That was fun.

The time change can suck it. These kids think its awesome to sit on my head and fart at 4:30am.

Max has now removed half of his diaper.

I think it’s time for bed, I know it’s only 3:52pm.