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Unreasonable expectations — February 20, 2015

Unreasonable expectations

I have them.
I have them for myself, for my husband, for my children and even for my dog.
The funny thing is that I know in my brain that what I think should happen is ridiculous but for some reason my heart still wants them.

the dog is going to bark at our mail lady- even though it’s been (just about) the same person, at just about the same time 6 days a week for 3 1/2 years.

Joel is going to be exhausted after work and I try to keep his “to do” list short, and focus on family time but there are days I feel like it’s not enough.

There will daily be at LEAST 2 loads of laundry. And if I slack on it for a couple of days there are then 100. So I should do it daily right?

The boys are going to want to play until they are so tired they fall over, I know this, I try to intercede and head off the massive screaming melt down of exhaustion by requesting “quiet time” in the hope of them settling down to rest. They are 4 and almost 2, they don’t care about sleep, they don’t want to sleep- they are sure they are going to miss something.

I should be further along in my weight loss. I should be able to run a 5k by now, I’ve been working at this for so long- why am I still in size 14 pant?

WHY do I keep getting myself worked up about these things. Why. because I feel the need to traffic direct anything I can. Because I feel like I can’t control so many things (ASD, Sensory freak outs, lack of words, screaming because we can’t talk, health issues, when the sun sets, what time Costco opens, how many people are going to cut me off taking Leo to school) that I feel like I have to have a choke hold on a few things to balance it out. And all I am doing is choking myself.

I pray daily that God calms my heart, softens me to the things that make me rigid, that he will help relax the control issues I have. Somedays he does, others he lets me fight it out.

Leo had to have an EEG Tuesday, it sucked. And I am having a hard time getting passed it.
Logic: He made it through, he did what they needed, we should have the results soon.
Emotion: I have to fully physically restrain him for the first time in a year, The tech was so gruff and told him over and over and over “he couldn’t cry and scream because of other kids at the clinic” (my thought- f the other kids dude, how about you focus on my freaked out one), I wasn’t prepared for the setting or the testing they way I wish I could have been to talk to Leo about it more, I feel like I failed him because we took 300 steps backward for a few days after having the test done.

Max has been saying more single words, and having worse and worse melt downs and tantrums when the words don’t come out. He’s also having worse gas issues. So we are trying lactaid again, tried coconut milk and he looked at me like I had lost my ever loving mind calling it “milk”. I read to him all of the time. We sit and look at one another trying to make words sounds, and it’s all just stuck, and hes mad, and I feel like I am failing him.

And none of this is logical, because we are all alive, working toward goals of understanding, breathing through uncomfortable stuffs and learning, but when the boys struggle I feel like it’s a personal reflection on me. The person that is with them just about 24 hours a day, the person that should be guiding them to daily success


How do I pull myself away from them? I celebrate successes, but why are the set backs like a gut punch?
Gotta figure this out.

For my family




Because they deserve more than I give them. Because God saw in his plan for these amazing creatures to be part of my world, and I need to remember that my need for order doesn’t matter when it comes to the happiness of my boys.

*&JH&^%^$&&# *&^#@&*%()&)(&$ and then some — February 4, 2015

*&JH&^%^$&&# *&^#@&*%()&)(&$ and then some


This is our next adventure with Leo. A Provider brought up the possibility of seizures, so here we go.

Scheduler: “Okay, so the night before the test you’ll need to keep him up for at least two hours past his normal bedtime”

Me: “Okay” (SHIT how am I going to stay up that late!)

S: “And you’ll need to wake him up at least two hours earlier than normal the next morning- we need him tired.”

Me: “Um, he wakes up at 5:00am ish…” (Oh Hell you’ve got to be kidding me)

S: (Laughs) “well, okay just make sure you don’t let him fall asleep on the way to the hospital for testing”
(Keep in mind the hospital is a 20 minute FREEWAY DRIVE away, I fall asleep driving out there, have I mentioned I can’t wait for Fresno Community hospital to have a Pediatric everything, 5 minutes from home)

Me: “Okay well he should be good and grumpy tired, I’ll just sing really loud in the car the whole way out there.”

S: “You also want to hold liquids and food from about 9am until you get here- at 12:30”
(Lady you are trying to motherfracking kill me aren’t you)

Me: “Okay. How long is the test”

S: 2- 2 1/2 hours.

Me: “Okay looks like I’ll need to find care for my 2 year old, cause trying to corral him for that long will be AWESOME” (there was just a smidge of sarcasm in that phrase)

S: “Well you know, we are a hospital for children, we are used to it”

(Really? Cause if you were a hospital for children you would figure out how in Gods very green Earth to conduct these tests either:
a) in a different method
b) in the evening when hes exhausted from the day

Cause right now lady I think you are full on CRAY-ZAY)

I might need a few days to recover from next Wednesday.