I had an impromptu lunch with a friend yesterday. I hadn’t seen this person in a while. I know that I post a lot of my life on social media- it’s my outlet- but I also realize this person does not read anything of mine, or rather doesn’t acknowledge that they do.

We had about a 45 minute long lunch and they did not ask me one question. Nothing. Not about the kids, having to put our dog down, work, new church, nothing. And for the majority of the lunch I sat in silence while they talked about their family, themselves and stories about where they are currently, that I have been told a dozen times before.

It was kind of eye opening. I make it a point, usually (in this case I didn’t need to) ask about others. I want to know about your family, your work, your exercise routine, your crappy Valentines Day, all of it. I love hearing from people. And maybe it’s my fault for establishing this type of conversational dynamic from this person. That I always listen, so there is no reason for me to contribute.

That aside, I ask- How do you communicate? Do you ask questions? Are you involved in those around you? In those you haven’t seen in a while?

This is a big part of my connection with our clothing mission at church and handing out ponchos and socks to the homeless. The verbal connection. Giving people a chance to talk to me about their life, if they wish. To make all people feel important, and special and recognized.

If you are not having ebb and flow conversations, I encourage you too. It is amazing what you find out from others when you ask, listen and engage.