Okay. I’ve had to step away from the news so many times in the past 6 months because of being angered, irritated and totally outraged at not only the actual news but the way it is being presented. Its ugly, its fear driven and its completely unacceptable.

Election years are hard. People shoot for the neck at one another they try to find the soft spot to poke and poke at. We repremand toddlers for this kind of behavior but every 4 years it becomes acceptable “banter” between candidates. Why our standards of mutual respect have taken a dump I’ll never understand.

Election years are hard for me on a spiritual level as well. My spirituality and belief in God is very personal. It doesn’t mean I won’t talk about it but I choose not to verbally lead with it. I do however try to lead by living it. I also believe that my personal beliefs do not traffic direct how I feel the government should be run. I do not live in a “Christian Nation” nor do I believe my beliefs are the only beliefs that should be accepted. I do believe that law is black and white, that there is way too much private interest money in very public issues and that religion of any kind has NO place dominating the government.

It is disgusting to me how one candidate claimed to be “Saved” and since making this public declaration has declined in his behavior. I’m not talking about his past (but his general disrespect of people is pretty awful) I am talking about lies that come out of his mouth, his threats, boasting, and general arrogance. I am disgusted with his followers that feel that violence, physical intimidation and awful words are appropriate ways of communication.

I have been worried about our country if Trump is elected and now, very honestly his followers scare me more. The violence is already amping up. If Trump is a Christian, as he openly professed he would be attempting to calm things down, even more than that, he would have never amped them up to begin with.

While my heart it hurting, my nerves are on edge and the Holiday season approaching my faith will not waiver. I have faith as a people we will shut down the violence. I have faith that as a people we will show love and acceptancefor one another. I have faith that as a people we will learn from one another, we will lift one another up and we will pull through this time of anger and ugly with a more positive community.