My passion is sometimes mistaken for emotional garbage. When it usually is a byproduct of staying quiet for too long.

My choices for right and wrong have changed dramatically with the changes in the world.

They are not popular thought, they are not mainstream  but they are my heart. 

And my heart is screaming that people that I held in it, close to it, made a part of it not only dont want to understand me, but are trying to convince me that i am wrong in my convictions.

I will no longer stay silent. Guns do not belong in homes, hate crimes have to stop, people need to just fucking love one another.

I will not chnage my mind about these things. All lives will not matter until black lives and LGBTQ lives matter. We are not a Christian nation, we are a nation that is suppose to open our arms to people of all types.

My heart hurts and will continue hurting until the violence stops, people stop fighting for guns and the people I hold close stop talking to me like my heart doesnt matter.

Until then..