Because the season is always changing. That’s the common thread with raising a family right? Things are always changing. New things to learn and explore. New questions to answer, new challenges to face and new people and places to meet and make adventures to.

Leo is doing really well at school. He had started chewing on himself, his clothes, his finger was the worst (I was afraid he was literally going to chew a big fat hole in it). So I bought a chewy and made him wear it around his neck. I was watching when he would start chewing and noticed it was when he was nervous or couldn’t put his words together. We have been working a lot on slowing down and mommy asking more detailed questions to find out his needs and get him to express himself more. It worked, chewy put away. Our family w

Slowly gifts are finding their way under the Christmas tree and every time he finds a new box he tries to convince us it’s Christmas and we need to open presents. It’s cute. His excitement for Christmas this year is something to be in awe of. I want all things to be this exciting. Everything to be this sparkly and magical. And I’m going to try to make our world just that for as long as I can.

Max has words and sentences and more words and more sentences. He also does not use words unintentionally. You can watch his face when he’s searching for a word. Then the word slowly leaves his lips and it is always exactly what he meant to say. I’m learning not to question is words but to answer them appropriately. This is totally new territory for me. Its awesome and totally frustrating at times when he asks for something, the answer is no and he keeps asking, as not to be moved in a different direction. Then there is the toddler debating skills and when we have come to agreement (usually on food choices) I am reassured it’s all good with a “yeah sure” from his little deep two and a half year old voice.  He is loving books more and more. He and I have been working hard on his number and letter recognition. We will find out in February if he will qualify for preschool through our school district. He gets to participate in Leo’s class and I am very thankful for that.

Joel and I are busy with work and the kids and house stuff. Current house issue- a fussy heater. Waiting for the repair place to call and set up an appointment to come check it out.

Our family mission project of making emergency packs for the homeless in our neighborhood is coming along nicely. Looks like everything we ordered should be here by Friday. I’m in awe of Joel’s heart with this project and so happy that I am able to help put it all together and teach our kiddos how important it is to do for others.  Our little family will continue to #leadwithlove first and foremost, showing love and kindness and grace to those around us. Especially those that many others look past.

Happy Holidays everyone. Peace and Love to you all.