1080975663-8dc8b9846f6ff4a5fe054c4cd8ea22bcI’ve been thinking, even more than normal. (Lord help the people I see daily. Sometimes I feel like I need to shoot out thank you cards to everyone I just spill words to! )

We spend so much time trying to identify with a group of people. It starts when we are like 10, are you a cool kid, a nerd, a jock. I spent most of those years in the library. I loved homework, I liked the quiet. I love books. I’ve always marched to my own drummer. Never really felt comfortable until I started playing water polo. Those guys and gals were awesome and helped build my confidence.

Then comes young adulthood, still marching to a 6/4 when the rest of the world is on a 4/4 beat. I found a car club that was awesome. I felt more comfortable with them then I did anywhere else. That fizzled out, met theater people, still the odd duck. Became a wife to someone 18 years my senior- same drummer. Now a mommy and still not finding a place that I fit with other mommies.

But now I know what I AM, what I believe to be true and that my 6/4 beat is a perfect fit for me.

I am:


A Pacifist

An athlete

A follower of Jesus

A true friend

An advocate




I believe:

That despite the ugly in the world people are good.

Leading with love will pave the way for hatred to move along

in working hard

that there is beauty in every situation

in my marriage vows

in my family

in myself

I am not mainstream. I am not the norm. I don’t try to be. I am just me. Walking and learning simultaneously. I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful husband to walk with and amazing kids to teach me while we walk. I am going to continue to advocate for my family and neighborhood and I pray that this will guide me into a role to help advocate for other families that need guidance to help for their kids.
This past year has been so good and the next is going to be even better!