Hey Buddy,

Today is a big day for you my big boy. Today you start your first day of Preschool at a big school with a big class. You have two teachers that are so excited you’re joining their class  and they can’t wait to get to know you and to teach you all kinds of new things. Your classroom is pretty awesome and has any and everything you could ever want to read  and play with. You get to eat lunch with your friends every day.

I am so excited to see your growth this year. Mommies have this extra feeling that they can sense when something is going to be awesome. You, my Leo, can do and learn any and everything. You are such a beautiful ball of excitement for learning and I pray that fire never burns out. You are so smart, so willing, so loving. Keep those traits my love, keep them for always.

There are going to be hard things too. But those hard things are going to make you better, stronger, smarter and an all around better guy. Embrace them. They might frustrate you and you might have a rough time pulling through them but always finish. It’s so important to finish what you start, but it’s even more important to try things that make you uncomfortable.

Be kind to everyone. Say hi, introduce yourself, play tag, give hugs. Use your kind words, and tell someone-with your words not your hands- if you are upset or need a break. Make sure to use the potty. Share toys and books and don’t be afraid to go down the slide. Maybe start with the little one, but that big one looks pretty darn cool.

I’ll be there every day to pick you up, waiting anxiously for you to tell me all about your day. We love you Leo. And we are all so very proud of how hard you’ve worked to be part of this class. Keep it up babe. The world is ready for you.