T Rex had to see the doctor too..
T Rex had to see the doctor too..


This is how we started the week off. Good morning Leo- whhhhaaaattttt is that all over your torso and back…

Google search.
Why does this look like measles. Has he had a giant fever, not that I can tell. “Hey buddy do you feel okay?” “Momma, my head hurts right here (pats head) and I has itching.” Okay.


So we headed to Valley Children’s Hospital. Thank you Lord for the amazing E.R. Nurse Practioner we had. And Scarlet fever, along with strep is what we have been dealing with. Poor guy. I had no idea his throat hurt. Benadryl, Antibiotics and a boat load of cortisone. He’s got energy- for about an hour at a time then requests rest time (which is totally not in his character). So it’s been an at home week. Hopefully the rash will be almost totally gone by Monday so we can get back to school. Poor guy has been trying to scratch his skin off.



It was warm, and sunny. We spent time outside. I am a firm believer in sunshine therapy when you feel like poop.



It was drizzly and yucky. We worked on writing our letters, and reading on abcmouse.com and we took my Gramma to the doctor. The boys and I stayed in the car while she had her appointment, and that earned them an ice cream from Fosters Freeze. Because ice cream really does make everything better.



We really needed to leave the house, and the car. We took Gramma to lunch. Chinese- her favorite. It was wonderful. And a good couple of hours out of the house that was totally needed.


We came home, the boys took a great nap. Played outside in the sunshine, and the dishwasher took a dump. It’s been working on dying for quite some time, but yesterday (of course with a full load of dishes and a sink full waiting) it decided that opening the soap trap is an optional dishwasher feature. Kind of like how drivers think using turn signals and stop signs are optional.

So to Target I went. And came home with this beauty:


It’s how I did dishes for the longest time when first on my own. It’s how we did dishes when we were first married (we had an amazing apartment, with no dishwasher.) So there is a challenge, that Target does not sell a “family” size dish rack, but it’s okay. I really kind of enjoyed standing in my kitchen window, listening to music and the kids playing with Joel in the back yard. The beautiful part, they were washed, dried and put away faster than they ever have been since we bought our house. 🙂

So for the time being I’m going to take this queue to slow down a bit and do things in smaller batches and teach the boys. ( Pair that with not wanted to deal with the creepy repair dude my home warranty sends out for small appliances)

So today we are again going to read and write and play in the sun. And I know Leo has to go back to school, but this week of slowing down and being a family has been wonderful, and exactly what I needed. I am excited to have more time like this when school changes for him soon. Where he can be a kid, and play with friends, and not be in therapy all of the time.

Happy Friday everyone- have a beautiful day.