They are the spice of life. The sisters you don’t have. The balance you’re constantly searching for.
Max and I got to spend time with some of my wonderful gal pals and their awesome kids today. (Leo was at school). I stand awe struck at these women often. So creative, motivated, patient, loving, driven. God knew exactly what he was doing when he sat Kate and I at the same table at Discovery for the Well.

Standing in the kitchen and looking and talking to all of these ladies, we are all so different. Our families are all so different. Our kids are all so different. But the warmth is the same. The smiles and mommy struggles and victories are all the same. The need for one another is the same. And that is a beautiful thing. And a very much needed thing.

Last semester I had to sit out of my moms group- too much going on and I wasn’t handling it all well. This semester Max and I are going to go back. I need it. I need these ladies. These women who for some reason accept the crazy that I bring with me everywhere- without judgment. Always with open arms and smiles and an ear if I need one. And Max needs their kiddos, to play and learn with.

So many thanks I have to give these gals for prayer requests, counseling when things are rough, friendship and some of the best hugs.
Love you gals.
See you Thursday 🙂