One of the ABA directors told me that once Leo showed interest in touching and sniffing new foods tasting them would be very quickly approaching.

she was so very right

Just this week he has tried 2 types of yogurt, cheerios, baby carrots and oatmeal. By tried I mean I sit right next to him, have to to tell him 500 times to put his hands down and sit up in his chair, have him lick it three times, then convince him spiderman totally eats these things because they make him big and strong.

This season of life is really really pushing the amount of patience God has given me. I have to breathe and breathe and breathe and have a dr. Pepper (no it’s not part of my attempt at a healthy lifestyle but it helps with my migraines and I’m a horrible person when I get them- which is often).

Max is a garbage disposal. This kid even finds food and comes walking through the living room chomping on something. I have had to try to remember when we last ate whatever he is chomping on and where in the world he stashed it because I just cleaned the house and didnt find that anywhere.

As I type he is showing me crayons and attempting to color his face. Leo decorated random things in the house the other day with a green crayon. That was fun.

The time change can suck it. These kids think its awesome to sit on my head and fart at 4:30am.

Max has now removed half of his diaper.

I think it’s time for bed, I know it’s only 3:52pm.