Life is so freaking busy. Adjusting to Leo going to the clinic 3 days a week and at home ABA 5 days a week. Tuesdays are going to be tight, he’s at the clinic from 9-12 then we have to teleport home and start therapy at 12:30. Talked to his tutor yesterday, Tuesdays are going to start with table stuff, so Leo can have lunch.  Dude gets hangry just like mommy if he doesn’t eat.

Yesterday was a real big boy day for Leo, he got himself fully dressed by himself (including socks and shoes), used a fork at lunch, whined about everything like a teenager and put himself to bed. Totally big boy status.

Max is a tornado. I can leave him in a room for 45 seconds, come back and it is a disaster. I don’t understand. It literally makes no sense to me on multiple levels. Why he wants to trash the world- or our living room, how he moves so fast and how quietly he is able to perform said destruction.

At least he slept, in our bed, in my spot most of the night and actually ate yesterday. But man. I think he has a plan to see how long it takes to put me on nut meds or ask to be placed in a home for the mentally trashed. His newest love of q tips, handsoap and my heels is mildly entertaining but all potentially harmful, especially if practiced at the same time.

Lord help me.

Or at least let the coffee beans be plentiful.