One of the first non animated movies the boys are willing to watch- Free Willy (first is Hocus Pocus). I shouldn’t be surprised with the infatuation Leo has with all things from the sea. A trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium needs to happen soon. But I am afraid he will want to live there.

The Big Fresno Fair is in town and we headed to it as a family. I was trying to explain to Leo that we would “see horses”, you know the racing kind (horse rasces are a big deal at the fair) and he replies “Yes Momma, and whales and dolphins and octopus and barracuda (that is pronounced ‘bayrnacoonta’) At first I was totally confused, hes telling me this as I’m tryingt to get the boys and myself dressed and out the door for an appointment.

We get in the car and he’s still talking about it and when it finally registered I cracked up. The English language- downright confusing. On the heels of seahorses comes the boys first time watching Snow White. Animals and music, can it get any better? Perhaps, if Leo sang Heigh, ho correctly. Nope, it came out “My Ho!” over and over with Max as his backup dancer. We might have the future Eminem on our hands. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Tried to correct him numerous times but he is very sure its “My ho”. Oh goodness.  And Max smiles and laughs and dances because he wants to part of everything his brother does. He might not want to get in the swimming pool, but he wants to shoot his brother with the hose. He might not be hungry, but if brother is sitting at the table he’s right beside him. Peas in a pod, terrible twosome, louder than the monkeys at the zoo, Leo and Max.

Max is a booty shaker and singer, he has amazing taste in shoes and always brings them in pairs and will try any food put in front of him. He helps unload the dishwasher, “feeds” the dogs and demands snuggles. I can’t get many  words out of him or get him to go to bed without a bottle but it’s all okay. These things will be gone sooner than Iam ready for them to be gone. Shoot, he was just a baby last year at the fair. Slept the whole time in his infant car seat. This year he was so excited to see the animals.

Too fast, its all going too fast.