Mad Max (those are his initials), this kid. He intrigues me and terrifies the crap out of me. He is crazy smart, c-r-a-z-y smart. So we should probably get a tutor on retainer now. You can watch the wheels in his mind turn. I like to quietly follow him when he’s on a mission.  Watch him ponder things to get into, to climb, to tornado style trash in a matter of seconds.

This kid is ALL boy. Every last little bit of him. He loves dirt, mud, dog food, ketchup, climbing, running, poking, exploring. But it seems that his favorite thing to do is anything Leo is doing. He wants so badly to do everything Leo does. He pays attention to how Leo does things and imitates it. He finds things he knows Leo loves and brings it to him. He wants to be touching his brother all of the time.

He is going to be Leos protector when the boys are older. I can see Max standing up for Leo if he can’t get his mind around his words or making sure that Leo gets what he needs. I can see already the friendship that is forming. It’s very similar to the relationship I have with my sister.

I can only hope my boys love one another the way my sister and I love one another. Where you want to V8 forehead slap them but when something amazing, or heartbreaking happens they are the first person you want to tell.

These boys. love them so much