I’ve made comments before about not being a “girls girl” and I’m really not, but I am a total “Moms mom”. I’ve found myself more connected to  other moms since becoming one myself. I am blessed to have a handful I talk to and see frequently, and  a couple that I am able to be me with. I can be honest, I can be me. I can flip out when I need to. I can cry, I can question, I can pray, vent, eat, hug and love. I am so lucky. But there is one that is at the head of the pack that I never give enough credit to.

My Mom.

Yesterday when I was aprehensive about how the day was going to go I pick up my phone to a voicemail. In that voicemail was everything I needed to hear, and hearing them from my Mom they resinated even louder.

She taught me to work hard. To keep a tidy home, to always make people feel comfortable and welcome in that home. She taught me that the holidays are about being together and eating amazing food. She taught me to love hard. I’ve watched her fight for things she believes in, work hard for what she has, and has been in a loving marriage for quite a long time.

Child rearing is hard, I’ve said that before. And when you get a message that reassures that you are doing exactly what you should be, and that your kids are wonderful, to relax and breathe and it’ll all be okay from your Mom it takes 1,000lbs of pressure off of your shoulders. Because the people that matter see what you’re doing and think you’re rocking it.

Thank you Mom. I’m never deleting that message, and when I start to feel low I’m going to listen to it and know that it’s all good.

I love you.