After talking with the director of our ABA services yesterday, another night of crap sleep and Leo telling me “Momma I tiwerd” this morning, I knew something has to give. Just like having to adjust what I need for me to fit into what my family needs from me, Leo needs more structure, less stress and peer role models for positive behaviors. So, for now we are pulling him from school. I’ve never felt confident that his foundation of speech and emotional adaptation was strong enough for a school setting. After being diagnosed at 2 1/2 with “autistic like characteristics” (on my 31st birthday, theres a day I’ll never forget) we are just now at 3 1/2 (and almost my 32nd birthday) getting therapies.

We need to focus on the one on one, the help through transitions, the speech and learning how to play and love on our “mainstream” friends. OT starts in November and if we are in school and ABA and OT there is a great chance of all of us dying.

I kept Leo home this morning, we had a relaxed morning of Disney channel, playing cars with Max, eating a good breakfast, a nap, eating a good lunch and a great day at therapy. His entire mood was different. He was receptive, he was my Leo again. He’s been happy most all day, using full sentences, looking at me and addressing me when he needs something. So this is what has to happen for my guy.

Selfishly I don’t want to leave his class. His teachers have become my cheerleaders, therapists, mentors, my friends. I love these women more than I will EVER be able to put into words. They have given me hope when I felt like there wasn’t any, taught the boys the most amazing songs (I am a pizza anyone?), and loved on Leo even when he was hard to love on.

I know they can’t go far- i have their phone numbers *evil laugh* but the smiles and laughs and hugs will be missed something fierce.

I’ve known in my gut that this is what he needs, and now I can’t wait to see him fly. Leo, the world is all yours buddy- show us what you’ve got! 🙂