And its not done yet! (As I write this Leo is having a  conversation/ singing a song about a monkey with a banana- no I’m not making this up I’m not that creative)

Today I had to pick Leo up early from school because he decided to hit- like WWF beat down style- other kids in his class. Not provoked, but there is something going on. It stresses me out (I was at Target when I got the call and oreos ended up in my cart. ) I get so frustrated, something starts to get better and something takes a dive. Then we geta handle on that and something else takes a dump. Hamster wheel to nowhere and there isn’t a cute little hamster on it either. Nope there is some little dwarf hamster that bites like my sisters she had in college. One that is like- hey I’m so cute you wanna pet me-CHOMP

After a mini melt down on the phone with my husband, another one when I pick him up, and a conversation with one of the directors for his ABA services- in which I’m sure I didn’t actually finish a sentence because of frustration and trying to get Max to sit for more than 10 seconds to eat something- I have a little better understanding on whats going on and there is a plan of attack (pun fully intended) for Monday.

I am so thankful for the professionals in our life that help us through these things, and that even though they are all from different organizations they all work together not only for Leo but for me.